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Disclaimer: Styleapothecary.com receives free products from beauty brands and PR companies. We are a beauty review panel comprised of 4 female and 2 male panel members, we review products how we see fit and are never influenced or paid by any company or firm for our thoughts.We adhere to the FTC guidelines We are a group of consumer beauty junkies and not professionally trained, just a group of the people who spend their lives forcusing on the next best products to hit the market... xoxo Style Apothecary

Elizabeth Arden Original Eight Hour® Cream

By Makeup Addict · December 17, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Elizabeth Arden Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protectant, Orginal 1 OZ  $25.00 by Elizabeth Arden at Beauty.com

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour® Cream is the legendary, award-winning skin protectant that does more than soothe sun-burned skin, rehydrate chapped lips, and heal rough elbows and calluses. It’s also the secret that makeup artists all over the world use for keeping legs, lips and eyelids shiny; eyebrows in place; and cuticles perfectly manicured. There are an infinite number of ways to use this classic cream, but here are 8 great ones: 1. Skin Saver – Protect skin from drying wind, central heating and air conditioning. This skincare multi-tasker soothes, restores, calms and helps relieve minor skin irritations, including roughness, redness, chapped, cracked or dry skin. 2. Shine Factor – Found in top makeup artists’ kits worldwide, this all-in-one beauty tool adds shine to eyelids, cheeks, lips and legs. 3. Eye Opener – All it takes is a dab to smooth eyebrows and create a perfectly defined arch that will stay in place all day. 4. Cuticle Conditioner – Soften rough, dry cuticles to keep them smooth, supple and beautifully manicured. 5. Treat For Feet – Smooth rough heels and soften soles for barefoot beauty in every season. 6. After-Sun Soother – With its legendary soothing and moisturizing benefits, it’s the ideal after-sun treatment to relieve minor sunburn and calm dry, irritated sun-exposed skin. 7. Flight Tool – Flying can leave skin looking and feeling dry and uncomfortable. Pack this intensive hydrator to boost skin’s in-flight moisture level wherever you go. 8. Leg Wear – Great for an apres shave or apres wax treatment. This classic cream calms irritation, reduces redness and leaves legs super-smooth and silky-soft.

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Dr. Jules Nabet ~ Zen Attitiude Anti-Aging Cream

By METSV · August 24, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


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Dr. Nabet’s Zen Attitude’s powerful hydrating cream improves the appearance of skin while providing essential protection to produce outstanding results. Soya and Yam (natural Pyto enzymes) blended with Vitamins F and E are delivered by the regulator Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng) to combat the visible signs of stress, environmental pollutants, unwanted toxins and temperature changes. Ideal for those with demanding lifestyles and regular travelers.


Valentine's Day Gift Guide ~ The Organic Pharmacy

By Miss Style Apothecary · January 26, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Whether you are celebrating with a loved one, a group of girlfriends or swinging it solo, there is no reason not to look your absolute best this Valentine’s Day! The Organic Pharmacy Rose Collection is the perfect way to come off smelling like roses while looking refreshingly radiant.

The Organic Pharmacy Rose Facial Cleansing Gel ($77.95) will leave your skin luminous! This Rose Hip infused face wash with Aloe and Calendula, gently cleanses and conditions the skin leaving it looking and feeling fresh and glowing.

Leave the redness for the roses! The Organic Pharmacy Rose Facial Spritz ($39.95) is an uplifting multipurpose facial mist that refreshes, hydrates, tones and calms redness. Use it all day to refresh and rehydrate before that special dinner date!

Keep your skin as soft as a rose petal with The Organic Pharmacy Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream ($71.95). A light but nourishing cream made of Rose Hip blended with Ginger, Gotu Kola and Marigold promotes cell regeneration, reduces broken capillaries and gives skin a glow while leaving you feeling super soft!

Made from Earth ~ Triple Berry Daily Face Cream

By Miss Style Apothecary · October 13, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

This blend creates an antioxidant powerhouse to fight the daily assault on your skin from free radicals. This formula can be used under or over makeup. Raspberry adds a soothing, non-stimulating effect, while blueberry neutralizes free radical damage to the matrix of skin cells. Please see more information on this great blend below.
avail from Made from Earth for $27.99

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AnneMarie Borlind~ Nature Effect Fluid

By agelesspat · July 6, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Naturesome Nature Effect Fluid by Annemarie Borlind $88.00 by Annemarie Borlind at Smallflower

On Sale at borlind.com for $69.59!!

This creamy, yet delicate, fluid pampers skin and restores a healthy glow. Immediately after application, skin feels softer, silkier, truly caressable. Carefully selected botanical ingredients gently stimulate circulation, repair free radical damage, and replenish oils and moisture, leaving skin smooth and supple, with renewed vitality. Naturesome Nature Effect Fluid can be used as a day moisturizer, or in combination with a day or night cream as a special fortifying treatment. Immediately after application, the complexion becomes visibly radiant, revitalized, restored.

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SumBody~ Creme Fraiche Face Cream

By agelesspat · February 9, 2010 · 0 Comments ·


Your dry skin deserves the cream of the crop! Nutrient-rich and creamy, Crème Fraîche deeply rehydrates and soothes with goat milk, oat, pumpkin seed oil and cumin, leaving skin radiant, nourished and soft.

Available @ sumbody.com for $50

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CellCeutical Skincare ~ Extreme Defense

By agelesspat · January 29, 2010 · 0 Comments ·



Available @ cellceuticalskincare.com for  $67.50

Extreme Defense Anti-Cell Damage Skin Treatment is a powerful antioxidant treatment that works during the day to help defend skin against age-promoting free radicals

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Diana B. Face Cream

By METSV · October 4, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

DIANA B. Face Cream

$90.00 at Beauty.com

An extraordinary formula, created with algae extracts, avocado oil, vitamins E and A, Jojoba seed oil, geranium, rose, pink peony flower extracts and yeast enzymes this ultrahydrating, beautiful nourishing cream is like a kiss for your skin. DIANA B. Face Cream is light to the touch and perfect for use morning and night.

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Steam Cream

By Miss Style Apothecary · August 5, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

STEAMCREAMrepresents the latest concept in skincare. Using a revolutionary steam-infused manufacturing process,  SteamCreamprovides a long-lasting, intensive and effective form of skincare that can be used on face, body and hands.

STEAMCREAM have pioneered the use of a steam technique to create this unique, gentle and loosely-bound emulsion. This looseness allows each ingredient – including a moisturising and soothing oatmeal infusion, orange flower water and healing lavender oil – to breakdown and penetrate areas of the skin that other creams find hard to reach.

$18.00 Beauty Habit & £9.95 SteamCream

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