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The Name Is Product ~ Pomade for Hair

By Makeup Addict · May 11, 2010 · 0 Comments ·



The Name Is Product, Pomade for Hair   $14.00  Available @ Product


PRODUCT is a 100% natural hair styling aid made entirely from organic & plant-derived components. Designed for use by both men and women, PRODUCT works well with all hair types and lengths.

Carefully hand-crafted in small batches to insure peak quality and effectiveness, PRODUCT is completely free of synthetic ingredients, chemicals and parabens. Healthy for your hair - friendly to the environment.

PRODUCT’s simple formula consists of just five natural ingredients: certified organic shea butter, certified organic aloe vera, natural source vitamin E (tocopherol), wild-harvested (pesticide-free) white beeswax, and food-grade tangerine essential oil.

These moisture-rich, ultra-conditioning ingredients work to keep hair nourished and infuse it with healthy-looking shine while also taming frizz and smoothing flyaway strands. Feel the difference PRODUCT makes!

Makeup Addict says - C'mon  now - a product named  Product!!    At any rate I totally love trying any cosmetic type product and this was no different.  I have to say I have never tried a 'pomade' before.  However, Product turned out to be a very easy product to use and I love the results.  You barely  take a small portion in your hands and it starts to melt down into a workable liquid.  Your body temperature breaks it down very quickly.  Then you apply it to your hair from your roots to the tips.  You are then ready to start styling, etc.  I was just a wee bit nervous - thinking that it could look or feel greasey or waxey in my hair but those fears subsided quickly when my hair took on a very natural appearing shine.  I am happy to say that everything looks natural -- no slippery look.  It does add texture to my extremely thin, fine hair.  My hair feels like it has some real body and volume to it.  I can use it on either damp or dry hair which is a very nice  option.  Quite a few products are either/or for the damp or dry.  I have use Product right after towel drying my hair and - then the next day after skipping a hair wash.  It worked equally as well and held the style nicely.  Product is a very nice, effective product!!

METSV says:  This is fast becoming a fave go-to product for my hair styling endeavors...  I use Product AFTER styling and it has just about eliminated my need for hairspray - which is a miracle unto itself b/c my hair never holds on its own.   So I style my hair, then I take the tiniest of tiny amount of Product on my finger tips then warm it up in my hands ...then I flip my head over, sort of run my hands through my hair, flip it back, piece out the ends and holy toledo you should see the volume - it is awesome.  No greasified or waxified look either (again, use very little!).   I love how it completely helps in holding the style and body all day.  My hair feels and looks 10 times thicker - and believe me, I don't have thick hair.    I haven't tried it on towel-dried hair, but I will and see how that goes.   Sounds like it worked great for Ellen in the above review so I'll give that a go as well...but in the mean time, it's great on dried hair too.  Perfect for the finishing touch and adding great body and funky piecey style to my doo.

cakedoo1 says.. I have fine hair and some products are too heavy for me and I thought that was going to be the case with the Product Pomade.. The Product Pomade looks waxy in the jar but as instructed, I scooped out a pea sized amount and rubbed into my palms to warm up and smoothed over my hair. I was amazed that it is surprisingly light. It's got a light scent that is really nice.. I have applied to damp and dry hair.. My hair is shoulder length and it does really smooth out my straight hair and makes it look really shine and healthy, i also feel like it protects my hair.. I can straighten and it feels like my hair is protected from the heat while having Product Pomade in.. When I have used when it's damp.... It does feel strange because the pomade feels like it kind of resists my hair, it's got that waxy texture but then it absorbs right in and really totally melts into my hair and makes my hair smooth and soft and a lot more manageable than without.. I have been using about 3 weeks now and have made a very small dent in the jar so this is a long lasting Product for me.. $14.00 is a great price for a product that has really given my doo some glass like shine and manageability!

Agelesspat says... I can honestly say that when I was given this product to try I was a bit taken back by the name of it since the name is PRODUCT, pomade for hair. My hair is currently going through a bit of shock after about 20 years of highlightening it I decided I have had enough so I went back to my natural color hair which is light brown.  I guess you could say that my hair is problematical, it is dried out and hard to style.The length of my hair is a bit shorter then my shoulders and is very fine in consistency. After using Product for about two weeks I could definitely see that my hair was not dried out and that after I styled it actually stayed the way I wanted it to.  All I did was follow the directions on the jar which stated to take a very small like pea-size and rub between your palms, apppy lightly to your roots up to the tips of your hair.It is totally remarkable how the white solid in the jar strarts to liquefy between the palms of your hands. It reminds me of chemistry class in school! This wonderful creation is 100 % natural no artificial ingredients added. I really like this product it made my hair look very healthy and shiny and was so easy to use...and lasts a while too! My hair is no longer dried out and frizzy or out of control.


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