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Dr. Marko Lens ~ Zelens Z Recovery Intensive Repair Balm

By METSV · December 5, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

ZELENS Z Recovery Repair Balm. $225.00 by Zelens at SpaceNK

Z Recovery is an intensive repair formula developed using advanced biotechnology and a powerful blend of high-potency active ingredients to enhance skin’s recovery capabilities.

- Instantly soothes and relieves irritated or altered skin
- Encourages accelerated repair of damaged skin
- Promotes recovery process and improves natural barrier function


METSV says:   This is my Rx for winter skin and could quite possibly be one of the most nourishing treatments I've ever used on my face.   I have to remind myself to go slow and not slather because, well, it's a luxury that were I without a budget I would stockpile it.  So here's when I knew I had something effective.  I have a bit of melasma and I like to do lactic acid treatments.    Normally I keep the acid on for ten to fifteen minutes then rinse off and my skin is a bit red at first but then it calms down.   Well dummy me got caught up in whatever project I was doing and completely forgot to rinse it off.... I remembered when my face started to tingle and itch and when I finally did wash it off - holy moly my face was red, blotchy and on fire... Enter Z Recovery... I am not kidding within minutes the redness had subsided and my face felt so much more comfortable and soothed - combine that with the glow a lactic acid peel gives off and I couldn't believe what was staring back in the mirror.  Since then I've been addicted.  I use this once a day - before bed.  For me, that's when it works best.   It helps my skin stay hydrated and soft and when I wake up in the morning I don't look like someone from The Walking Dead.   The cream itself is a soft, balm-like consistency with the slightest of slight hint of rose (to my nose anyway) but even that only lingers for a moment.   It absorbs beautifully and instantly smooths out crepey, rough skin.  If you are familiar with Dr. Lens then you know he is a highly respected plastic surgeon and an expert in the field of skin cancer and skin aging so you have to think that he poured his knowledge into his cosmeceutical line.  Whatever he did, it's working for me...big time.    If you have a Christmas list going, add any of the Zelens line of skincare to it...your skin will love you for it.

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