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Trienelle ~ Daily Renewal Creme

By METSV · October 17, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Trienelle ~ Daily Renewal Creme  $55 at Trienelle

An advanced nutrient-rich formula that provides everything your skin needs to look younger and healthier, in one easy step.

This silky lotion absorbs easily and leaves your skin with a fresh, radiant finish. Perfect as a base for makeup - or use alone for a beautiful, natural look.

Used consistently, Trienelle Daily Renewal Creme visibly rejuvenates the skin, repairing and protecting against the signs of aging

What's not to like about this top of the line day creme from Trienelle?  Beats me.  Let's see - antioxidant protection?  Check.  Collagen repair?  Check.  UV protection?  Check...  and that's not even everything this day creme offers.  I have been using this creme for several weeks now and I can attest to its effectiveness - it has provided hydration, smoothness, protection - makes a great base for foundation application - does not feel like the usual cremes with SPF -no white-ish cast or flakiness.  It also locks in the moisture so that towards the end of the day, I'm not feeling any tightness.  I also don't see the "day's events" coming out so much either.  Sometimes, if I'm driving in my car and catch a glimpse I get a little freaked out by the lines...I don't see them as much with the Trienelle which is huge!   I am so happy to have found this company - I actually heard about them from YouTube no less!  Once I started using the products I was all "so this is why there is so many raves about this company!"     I'm "of an age" now where good skincare means alot to me - with Trienelle I really feel the quality of the products - they stand 100% behind the line, so that to me speaks volumes for the company's integrity and customer service.   Thumbs up for Trienelle!

Makeup Addict agrees -- make that four thumbs up!   Trienelle Daily Renewal Creme is like getting many products in one.  It moisturizes (which encompasses a lot on its own -- moisturize, protect, repair), it can be used as a primer for foundation, and I have used it as a night cream.   I believe I am more than getting my money's worth in this gem.  I will say that I saw some major improvements after using for about  5 to 7 days.  My skin was definitely more plumped out (in a good way -- diminishing those darn lines --while smoothing the skin at the same time.  It actually seems to have gotten even better with longer use now.  It works so well for me that I am using it day and night.  This is my moisturizer -- and my foundation primer during the day.  .  . then my moisturizer and protector during the night.  I wish I had heard of Trienelle a long time ago as I am just experiencing such tremendous good luck with their products now.  I have many jars of various 'miracle' creams, etc. sitting around that cost a lot more than this line does -- and they did nothing-but cost a lot of money. 

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