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Disclaimer: Styleapothecary.com receives free products from beauty brands and PR companies. We are a beauty review panel comprised of 4 female and 2 male panel members, we review products how we see fit and are never influenced or paid by any company or firm for our thoughts.We adhere to the FTC guidelines We are a group of consumer beauty junkies and not professionally trained, just a group of the people who spend their lives forcusing on the next best products to hit the market... xoxo Style Apothecary

Review ~ Schick ~ Quattro TrimStyle Razor & Trimmer in One

By Miss Style Apothecary · February 15, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

For a smooth shave wherever you need, the Schick Quattro for Women TrimStyle Razor and Bikini Trimmer offers dual function in an easy-to-use, compact tool. A vibrating, pivoting head with four blades provides greater flexibility and allows you to follow the natural curves of your legs and body. The battery-powered trimmer is ideal for your bikini area and offers three length settings for a close, clean shave.
avail @ Amazon for $10.47

Miss Style Apothecary says.. WOW, a 4 blade razor is the way to go!! I specifically waited a couple of days to make sure I had something to shave to get a good gauge for this razor.. I LOVE IT.. The quattro meets all of my needs and goes beyond my expectations.. I use with a shave cream to make sure that I have a coating on my legs, I get a lot less nicks this way.. The razor seamlessly slides over my legs and takes all stubble with it in clean easy swipes.. I run under the running water to clean the blade after every couple of swipes, it works wonders, whether on the legs, armpit or bikini area.. I found that my legs were hair free and smooth, no misses on my end and the Quattro never pulls my skin it can easily remove a light amount of stubble or pull away a thicker more course field of hair without snags or any pulls.. It leave my skin feeling comfortable without irritation.. I used the trimmer end to give myself a little shape up, it has a guard so there is NO risk of any cuts or nicks and it gets in close enough to leave hair behind but it isn't unruly... This combo is GREAT, it offers exactly what I need.. I have dark hair so I have to shave a lot, it's not fun but since using the Quattro it is much easier and my skin isn't super bumpy either, I do still get the occasional patch of red bumps but once my skin calms down they go away.. I also can put moisturizer on after with no irritation which takes my freshly shaved skin to another level.. I love this duo and the price is great, you really get what you pay for, the moisture strip on the above and below the blades make the razor seriously slide over my skin and so much more comfortable.. PERFECT!!

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