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Biolage ~ Exquisite Oil

By METSV · December 5, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Matrix Biolage introduces the new Exquisite Oil range of haircare products. The exquisite formulas with Moringa oil in it’s purest and most refined state, penetrates deeply to replenish hair and leaves nothing behind but pure, clean shine.

Discover the power of the ingredient Moringa oil: it’s one of natures most powerful antioxidant oils, providing weightless nourishment and protection. Replenishes dull, lacklustre hair with intense softness and no build-up.

Without doubt the ‘star’ product in the range is the Exquisite Oil Replenishing Treatment, an incredibly versatile product. It’s uses include applying after cleansing for extra manageability, before heat-styling for protection, or through mid-lengths and ends to add immediate frizz-free shine and softness – try a little next time you’re in our salon, you’ll love it!

More info at Matrix.com


METSV says:  I have to say, I was a little hesitant to use this because I've tried the other "M" oil - so hugely popular a couple of years ago and I unfortunately was underwhelmed.  I have fine thin hair and the oil just weighed it down and made it look greasy even if I used the tiniest amount... so naturally I was a little gun-shy about trying another oil...Boy, was I wrong.  Moringa oil is nourishing, non-greasy, does not weigh my hair down and revives my not-so natural blonde hair in an instant - with shine, bounce, and vitality.    I am like my mom in that the grays have been coming fast and furious way earlier than I would like...so that within a few weeks of a color, my hair typically starts to look dryer, duller, and I start to count down the days when I'm back at the salon....  This is a true story (my hairdresser Melissa will attest to it!)  I typically go to the salon every five weeks for a root job or the occasional foil... but whether she messed up or I did - I ended up not going in to see her until 8 weeks after my last appointment.  I NEVER go eight weeks;   I really think using the Moringa oil helped keep my hair in shape and just overall healthier.  I wasn't noticing fly away ends and dull, unshiny locks.    I'm thinking if I can continue to hold off for eight weeks... or even seven...  I can save my self several trips and several dollars at the salon!   One thing I love doing with this oil is a head massage.   I do this at night - I put a little of the oil on my fintertips and massage it in my scalp and then focus whatever is left on my fingertips on the ends of my hair.  It is a great overnight treatment!   This is one product with multiple uses and will truly work on all kinds of hair.   You know it has to be great coming from Matrix and the Biolage line.   A must try!  Beats other oils hands down.

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