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Indeed Labs ~ Nanoblur - Look 10 years younger in 40 seconds

By Miss Style Apothecary · July 25, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Our Promise: look 10 years or more younger in 40 seconds or less. This advanced optical treatment is made of nano-prisms and erases signs of aging and the look of lines, wrinkles, crow's feet, sagginess and enlarged pores within seconds without any tint. Essential for meetings, events and dates.

Expected Results
Significant reduction in pore size, fine lines and textural damage within 40 seconds or less.

avail from Indeed Labs for $19.00

cakedoo1 says.. Nanoblur = Nanofabulous, I am 100% sold that is product is amazing, it really does help perfect my look everyday. I can't get enough of this and I have been raving about it since day one, I saw a total difference on the first use.. I apply all of my skincare then use a small pea sized amount of Nanoblur to my finger then blot around my face then rub in.. My skin immediate has a mattish look and is ready for my tinted moisturizer or foundation.. Nanoblur holds my skincare and cosmetics in place all day, no melting from these hot summer day, I feel confident in my look and don't feel like I constantly have to check myself.. Nanoblur really give my skin a professionally finished look it's not matte or dewy, its an in-between look, so it is perfect for me! I also can tell you that my skin feels like it breaths and isn't clogged at all in these warm months I don't like feeling like I have a veil on, I want fresh clean looking skin that doesn't look all made up and Nanoblur has come to my rescue.. One of the biggest perks since using is it's amazing ability to remove all signs of oily skin, I apply a generous amount of sunscreen on a daily basis right after my skincare and usually I battle with my skin looking super shiny and my sunscreen taking a bit to absorb, with Nanoblur I can instantly apply over the sunscreen and it visibly changes my look to a natural finish.. I REALLY can't believe it and another thing I can't believe is the price tag!!! I am amazed, there are products out there that make claims that don't hold up, Nanoblur does.. My only disappointment is that no one told me I looked 10 years younger, I did get a couple compliments that my look was different but not the decade erased.. Seriously, I am OK with that, just don't try and take my Nanoblur away from me, cause the fists will come out! I can't tell you what an amazing primer this has been for me, it works and runs circles around a lot of the others on the market, again... for $19!! I am in awe that they can do it, it's that good, please check them out, you don't know what you are missing!

METSV says:  What Denise said.   Nanoblur is really quite fab, no lie.   This time of year my skin is extra dewy and though I'm dry, I have a tendency to pick up some shine during the day and could possibly have the ability to cause oncoming traffic to veer off the road as they are blinded by my shiny forehead.  So not only does Nanoblur live up to its claims of blurring fine lines and imperfections, it offers a nice matte (but not flat) look to my skin and keeps me less dewy and more even toned.   I kind of feel like I get that airbrushed look that you only see in pictures and I'm telling you, you need just the tiniest amount for it to work its magic.  No issues with any other facial products I use.    40 seconds is about the amount of time I need to put this on my face - and the difference is quite remarkable.  Do I look 30 with it on?  Hmmm.....maybe not quite.....but I could definitely pass for 31.....ha!  I'm kidding.....but I do see an all over better mug in the mirror, so that's fine with me!    The price of this is pretty dang reasonable so if you were on the fence at all, do yourself a favor and hop on over and get in on Nanoblur.   Good stuff!!

Makeup Addict was just a bit afraid that if I looked 10 years younger -- I would be asked for my ID again!!!!  Haha!!   Seriously though, Indeed Labs' Nanoblur does blur the lines of reality on my face.  This is a product that delivers and for a very reasonable price!!   I did not believe that there would be any difference in 40 seconds -- never mind 10 years.  However, upon my first use of Indeed Labs' Nanoblur I knew I was wrong and I am so glad I am wrong.  You can actually feel your skin tighening up (a slight feel) and then your skin looks so firm, even and perfect.  Lines are at a minimum before I even apply concealer or foundation -- I have never seen so much improvement in seconds!!  These people are true geniuses!!  People have asked me what I am doing differently -- c'mon -- you look so good!!  I also get a lot of -- you look so relaxed and refreshed -- what are you doing to your skin??  I have actually had a few -- You look much younger -- what did you do?  So I have to admit that I cannot go with my Indeed Labs' Nanoblur. I cannot get over the results and the price is incredible.  .  . I can definitely afford to keep this regime going!!

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