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Review - NATU ~ Reviving Mist

By Miss Style Apothecary · September 12, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

REVIVING MIST  $18.00 avail from NATU and select Whole Foods nationwide


If you have over-processed, over-bleached or stripped your hair, NATU Reviving Mist comes to the rescue by moisturizing and strengthening naturally.  Hair becomes soft, supple and strong again, with no build up. NATU Reviving Mist helps keep those tangles away.


NATU Reviving Mist is 99.2% Natural.

Miss Style Apothecary says... Hello, was this create for me?? I think so... I have been using for just over a week and BAM!! I love it.. This is a wonderful styling and health boosting air for anyone's locks that are like mine.. color treated, blown dried, flat ironed and not cut on the regular.. So my hair is shoulder length so as instructed I spritz my locks after washing and towel drying.. There is NO detectable scent whatsoever, (BONUS) so there is nothing to compete with depending on the products you use.. The spritz is a micro-fine mist so it is utterly impossible to go overboard with application. I spray everywhere but pay special attention of my ends, they are the most dry and damaged...

When my hair is wet, I can't notice anything this it is in the drying process that my hair shows luster, shine and is more manageable.. The ends DO NOT look so brittle and dehydrated.. I love this stuff!! When I am finished drying I go for my flat iron and I always spray on a heat protectant but I also give an extra spritz of this reviving mist.. My hair shines like glass and really looks fresh and bouncy.. I don't get any weighed down look at all.. In fact it seems like it has more life and volume..

Now I don't wash everyday but I do style daily.. I can't wash everyday or else my locks would be so overly dry that I would need major help.. Now here is my tip, when wearing the doo up in a bun, well really spray and get it up there to sit all day and night, when I take it out, it feels so silky, smooth and healthy it is amazing, it feels like more that I use the better the results..

This product is seriously all about you and what your needs are, it really reminds me of a leave in conditioner but not heavy at all.. I can run my fingers though my hair and it feels great, never any tangles or knots, super shiny and looks so much better.. I really think this plays off my color too, there is definitely more dimension since using and a very pretty vibrancy that wasn't there...

I am using with NATU's colorist shamp and conditioner so those reviews are on the way but I had to share how I feel about this and what a NECESSARY product this to work in if you are pushing a haircut off and look dull, in between colors, dry hair, brittle hair, you name the problem and this reviving mist will probably help out in some way..

Now look above, look at all the things that are NOT included in the composition of this mist, it is also 99.2% natural, AMAZING, I feel good about putting this in my hair... I also want to mention that I get no build up either, I do use a clarifying shampoo about every 2 weeks and my hair feels the same.. :) YEAH!!

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