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Get Glow ~ Light Reflector Frizz Eraser

By agelesspat · June 11, 2010 · 0 Comments ·


Light Reflector Frizz Eraser tames frizz, smooths split ends, adds luster, reflects light and gives glow. Hair will look and feel silky smooth. To be used when your hair is dry already. Just spray a little on the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together and run your hands along your hair for extra shine. To eliminate dryness or frizz, run your hands along the dry or frizzy areas. Use as needed. Goodbye frizz!

Available @ getglow.com for $19

Agelesspat says... I read somewhere that this product was included in Celebrity give-a-way bags recently and  honestly, I am not surprised. Get GlowLight Reflector Frizz Eraser is a wonderful product! I am so amazed how awesome my hair looked after I used it. I have dealt with tangles/frizz for many years from coloring, teasing, awful shampoos and of course bad weather days. When I pull at my hair to untangle it, most of the time my hair becomes frizzy and unmanageable as  a result.  So, I decided to give this frizz eraser a try and I am so pleased I did. As I applied to my dry hair, not only did my frizz vanish but my hair had a remarkable luster to it. The frizz eraser product is a clear glossy liquid and a added bonus is that  it is not oily at all like a lot of after shampoo products are ( which is great because you do have to spray it into your hand first). Additionally, the spray is so wide, that I could apply the spray to my entire hand in just one squirt.  The scent is very nice and refreshing too.  Plus, it is good for the environment. This product does not have any negative aspects that I can find yet! PS- one tip about the container…. The white part disconnects from the bottle itself & is only there for the top to fit ( I didn’t know this at first, but if you disconnect it makes the application process even more pleasant!)So if anyone wants to rid of their frizz and have beautiful healthy looking hair this product is for you (and me).


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