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Review - Black Chicken Remedies ~ Love Your Body Oil

By Makeup Addict · February 15, 2013 · 0 Comments ·


           Black Chicken Remedies' Love Your Body Oil $69.00 AU or Shen Beauty for $70.00

Black Chicken Remedies products are NASTY FREE.

This means no Parabens, no Sulphates, no Petrochemicals, and no artificial colours.The combination of these 12 oils provides a remedy for dry skin, a calming effect on the mind and an alluring aroma.Avocado Oil, Rosehip Oil, Geranium Bourbon essential oil, Patchouli essential oil, Ylang Ylang essential oil , Vitamin E oil, Lavender essential oil , Hazelnut oil, Nutmeg essential oil, Coconut oil, Sandalwood essential oil, carrot essential oil

Our famous & much loved body oil is a hydrating and invigorating formula that helps prevent the signs of ageing in men and women and relieves the drying effects of the elements.

It’s an intriguing scent combining the pure essential oils of sandalwood, geranium, patchouli, lavender, carrot, ylang ylang, and nutmeg in a blend of avocado, rosehip, hazelnut and coconut oil.


Makeup Addict admits that I usually do not use Body Oil as I have found it to be 'oily'.  So it was with some trepidation that I started to use Black Chicken Remedies' Love Your Body Oil.  To my absolute delight I discovered that Black Chicken Remedies' Love Your Body Oil may well be an oil, but it is not oily!!  They recommend using it daily after bath or shower, however, I, personally, prefer to apply after my shower and again before going to bed.  It is absorbed almost with contact leaving my skin very soft and smooth with NO dryness at all.  It reminds me a bit of the oils that are out for our hair that do NOT make our hair oily.  I am used to body lotion and I have to say that Black Chicken Remedies' Love Your Body Oil works as well, if not, even better than most of my lotions.  My elbows, knees and all other problem areas are truly feeling the 'Love' from Love your Body Oil.  They are almost as smooth as the rest of my body.  The scent is unique and intriguing as they mention.  It is difficult to really describe except to say it is very natural and it is not overpowering at all.  I noticed that it fades after a while and it does not collide with my choice of fragrance for the day or night.  You barely need that much to cover your body so it will last for quite a while.  They do have a currency exchanger on the site so you indicate the AU of the item you want and they translate it into American dollars or any other currency.  That is a real plus.  And then they do have free shipping for a total purchase over $100 AU and I have no trouble getting to that amount as there are many more beauty and skin products you might want to check out while you are there.  I can really recommend the Black Chicken Remedies' Love Your Body Oil from my great experience with it.

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